Lac de Mauvoisin


On a perfect autumn day I decided to climb Lac de Mauvoisin on my MTB before the arrival of snow. I started in Le Chable where I left the car and pedaled my way up the Val de Bagnes. As I advanced into the valley the traffic got less and less but temperatures were still in their lows due to the fact that I was mostly riding in the shade of the mountains, heading south-east. I hadn’t had lunch yet and was waiting for a nice place to pick nick in the sun, which I finally found in the small village of Bonatchiesse. From there I could already spot the wall of the dam. About half an hour later I was standing atop of the dam and enjoyed breathtaking views. To get to the dam wall one has to pass a small tunnel at the end of the paved road and then turn left. As this is Switzerland of course everything is perfectly signposted.





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