La Baudichonne


After the season start on Col de la Faucille and a climb to Chalet de la Dole/Barillette, I thought it was time to complete the nearby Jura mountain roads with an ascent to La Baudichonne. I usually climb this beautiful, deserted and steep paved road once a year and return via La Vattay/Faucille, but this time it was still too early in the year (patches of snow even on exposed spots at the summit).

viewpoint about half way up

viewpoint about half way up

I think I have never chatted more on a steep mountain road while pedalling than today 😉
The reason: Will, my cycling idol accompanied me on this beautiful climb and as I’ve never met him before in person, there was stuff to talk about …

During the descent we met other cyclists at the panoramic viewpoint where we had stopped going up and after a little chat we headed straight to a sunny terrace in the center of Crassier where we enjoyed a well deserved Hoegaarden…

Sante !

Sante !


From the viewpoint half way up starts a gravel road which joins up with the Route de la Dole.
Worth exploring next time…

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  1. Markus,

    It was a pleasure to finally meet you, and the climb was a lot of fun.

    Most importantly, thanks for buying the beer! My turn next time.


  2. Delphine on

    Great that you are already training so hard! Looking forward to be on the road again with you 🙂

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