Col de Crozet


Today was the first climb to Col de Crozet with my new MTB. I have used it on several occasions in the Jura already but never on gravel. This afternoon’s test ride was a full success. The bike behaves extraordinarily both uphill and downhill although the road wasn’t very technical. I like that loop from my home up into the Jura at Crozet and down via Col de la Faucille because I don’t need to take the car.


I felt extremely fit today although the start of the ride was already a bit late. Not that I wanted to be back for the world cup soccer match but I needed a bit of rest before starting the night shift. For that reason I didn’t take many photos and kept the breaks rather short.


On the road up to the col I only met a few cars coming down, probably from the farms or the cablecar building. No hikers or bikers, only cows. The weather got better and there was very little wind at the top. After a quick ride on the “route forrestiere de la Maraichaude” I downed a zero beer before a fast road descent back home via col de la Faucille. Unfortunately my iphone battery discharged before arriving home which explains why the GPS recording is not complete. I will have to invest in a proper GPS device soon !



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