Combe des Amburnex


One of my favorite spots in the swiss Jura is the high plateau called Combe des Amburnex, west of Col du Marchairuz and reachable on several paved, serpentine and deserted roads starting either in Bassins, Le Vaud or Marchissy. Today I left the car in Bassins and climbed up the “Route des Montagnes”, a road which I first discovered during my trekking bike trip from Geneva to Basel. It is moderately steep and winds up trough a nice forest which only opens up towards the top. Apart from a few cars the road was empty until the top where a troop of cows accompanied (or guided?) by a pony surprised me behind a bend. I couldn’t resist stopping for a few pictures and the curious beasts started examining my backpack.


A little further I took the gravel road towards the farm “Les Pralets” but unfortunately it was closed. I then continued on the main road to reach “Alpage des Amburnex”, a cheese production farm with 81 cows which I first visitd last October shortly before they closed for the winter. The Gruyere cheese they produce is delicious so I bought again 1.5kg  with the remaining swiss francs I found in my pocket. The lady even served me a beer although it’s not a “buvette”.


The cheese in my backpack I returned westwards to climb up the paved road which leaves the main road of the combe between the two farms “La Rionde Dessous” and “La Rionde Dessus”. A gentle short climb and I reached the highest point of today’s trip (1388m) close to Perroude de Vaud before descending fast to Le Vaud and back to Bassins. Shortly after the branch off to Le Vaud, I discovered a line of antitank obstacles in the forest, probably remainders of WW2.


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